Considering an Internship?

Student at BloomsburgThis site offers you a wealth of resources to help you understand what an internship is, how to locate and apply for an internship, and how to be successful in your Bloomsburg University internship experience.

To take the first step toward embarking on your Bloomsburg University internship experience, click on “About Internships” on the left menu, or begin navigating through this site using the arrow button below. In the "About Internships" section, you'll learn what an internship is, and learn about the benefits of participating in an internship. You'll find out what kind of compensation, scholarships, and aid you can expect with a Bloomsburg internship. In addition you'll find out about the people who will guide you through the internship process, and find out the answers to many common questions about internships.

After completing the "About Internships" section, you'll be ready to continue working your way through the menu items to learn everything you’ll need to know to take advantage of the important educational opportunity that internships provide.

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