Faculty Supervision of Student Internships and Summer 2009 Employment

Summer Session Dates


Begin and end dates for Session 1, summer 2009 are: 5/18 and 6/26. If a faculty member instructs six (6) credits of coursework during that time period, s/he cannot supervise any interns if the dates of the actual experience fall within that 6 week period, (5/18 to 6/26). If a faculty member has a mix of reassigned time and coursework totaling six credits, the faculty member cannot supervise interns.  

Any internship experience that starts before 5/18 and lasts beyond 6/26 must be scheduled during session 3, (12 week session). Any internship experience that starts on or after 5/18 and lasts beyond 6/26 must also be scheduled during session 3. See the latter two (2) paragraphs of this memorandum for limitations of employment over the 12 week period. Any internship experience that starts before 5/18 and ends before 6/26 will be scheduled in session 1. If four (4) weeks of the internship occurred prior to 5/18, the experience will be scheduled in the spring semester for banking.  
The second six (6) week session of 2009, session 2, has start and end dates of:  6/30 and 8/7. The supervision of student interns follows the same provisions as outlined above for session 1.

During twelve (12) week employment, a faculty member may instruct courses or have reassigned time assignments for a total of 12 credits. No overloads (i.e., more than 12 credits of reassigned time, course instruction and internship supervision) are permitted over the entire summer.    

The responsibilities of the faculty member as outlined in; Professional Responsibilities: Summer College document (approved by Meet and Discuss, 2/11/05) are such that they must maintain availability during  each week of internship supervision. This availability includes a presence in their office on campus (see #9 and #2 of the document).  

Important Notice! Signatures of the student intern and faculty supervisor on the RO Form 509 verify that the dates entered on the form exactly coincide with the actual dates that the student will be on-site. Please refer questions to the dean of your college.