2009 Internship Scholarship Program


The office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach and the Internship Faculty Advisory Committee is proud to offer a scholarship opportunity to students who will complete their internship in the spring, summer or fall of 2009, this is a competitive process and intended to provide financial incentives to any student who meets eligibility requirements for an internship.

How does the student apply?

The student will:

  1. Click on Internship Scholarship Application (located on the home page or in the student module)
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Print and bring the completed form to his/her faculty advisor or department internship coordinator.
  4. Secure a copy of the transcript and bring to the Office of Academic Internship and Community Outreach, SSC #144.

The Faculty advisor/Internship Coordinator will:

  1. Review the completed Scholarship Application.
  2. Send the completed application to Alison Stone-Briggs, Director, Office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach astbriggs@bloomu.edu.
  3. The Director will not accept applications from students directly. The applications must be sent from a faculty member. That tells our committee that the internship described meets department academic rigor and requirements.
  4. Start the 509 form process and send that to the Office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach, SSC #144 when fully completed and signed.


  • Must have full-time status as a student.
  • Must have departmental approval for an internship.
  • Students doing an internship out-of-state will not be eligible regardless of their residence. Students who live out-of-state but do their internship in-state will be eligible..
  • International students, even if they will do their internship in in-state, will not be eligible.


  • This is a rolling submission process. Have the student send the application as soon as they know about their internship.

 Documentation of Scholarship Usage:

  • Must submit brief summary of the benefit to the student by the end of the scheduled internship(form attached to the internship scholarship application).


  • Award is contingent upon registering for the internship requested.
  • Student will be notified when the scholarship application has been reviewed and a funding amount has been approved. We will take into consideration the start date of the internship described in the application.
  • If the internship cannot be completed as described, the student may be required to repay any and all monies recieved by them from the University.