509 Internship Form

What is 509 Internship Form?

509 Internship Form is the official Academic Internship application that every eligible student seeking an academic internship will need to complete. 

Filling out the form and approvals

Students should complete Section 1 of the 509 form.  After typing in the information, the student should print a copy of the form, sign and bring to his/her academic advisor.

The form requires three signatures – the department internship instructor, department chairperson and the college dean. The student's advisor is responsible for getting these signatures.

Once the dean approves the internship, the 509 Internship Form will be sent to the Office of Academic Internships, room 144 SSC Affiliation Agreements, to process the internship and enroll the student.

For submission and routing instructions please click this link.

I found this on the 509 form.  How do I fill this out?

High Priority Occupation categories

These are State of PA identified High Priority Occupation categories.  Please click on this link to find out which category fits the internship.  Filling this out is not an exact science so please use your best judgment.

An example of how to fill this out

If an accounting major is doing an accounting internship in a hospital, either Health Care or Business and Financial Services can be checked, but you can check only one.  If the description does not match the internship, please check “not applicable.”

Why am I filling this out?

In 2004, the Dept of Labor & Industry’s Center for Workforce Information and Analysis developed eleven industry clusters in which to focus workforce strategies and support.  One type of support is to offer grants to PASSHE internship offices to continue to gather data (among other uses of the grant) regarding the frequency of internships performed in these areas.  These eleven clusters account for nearly 69% of all employment in the Commonwealth.


The Office of Academic Internships does not have deadlines although each department may have their own internship enrollment policy.

Additionally, please remind students that if there is no active Affiliation Agreement on file, it could take up to 12 weeks for some AA's to be signed.  In some cases the internship site may refuse to sign.  Having an alternative internship site in mind is always a good idea.