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Compensation, Scholarships and Aid

Do I get paid?

Your internship position may be either paid or unpaid. Compensation availability and wages will vary between employers.

What costs are involved in participating in an internship?

Depending on the location of your internship, you may need to plan for travel expenses, such as the cost of gasoline and maintaining an automobile. If your internship is not near Bloomsburg, you may need to plan for paying rent and living expenses.

Are there scholarships available?

Bloomsburg University is committed to providing high quality, real world experiences through their Academic Internship Programs.

In support of this mission, the Office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach, along with the Internship Faculty Advisory Committee, are pleased to be able to offer internship scholarships to any student who intends to pursue an internship. This is a competitive process.


  • Must have a full-time status as a student.
  • Must have a departmental approval for an internship.
  • Students doing an internship out-of-state will not be eligible regardless of their residence. Students who live out-of-state but do their internship in-state will be eligible.
  • International students, even if they will do their internship in-state, will not be eligible.


  • This is a rolling submission process. Complete your application as soon as you know you will be doing an internship.


  • Complete and bring to your faculty advisor/internship coordinator the Internship Scholarship Application.Make sure you have the fully completed page one and two of the application.
  • Bring current transcript to the Office of Community Outreach and Academic Internships, SSC #144.
  • We will not accept applications directly from a student. The application and internship opportunity must be approved by your faculty advisor/internship coordinator who will send the completed application to the Office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach .
  • Fill out Section 1 of the 509 form and bring to your faculty advisor/internship coordinator for completion.

Summary page

  • Complete the summary page after your internship has been completed. It will be used to report on your use of any awarded scholarship funds following your internship.


  • Award is contingent upon registering for the internship requested.
  • Student will be notified when the scholarship application has been reviewed and a funding amount has been approved.We will take into consideration the start date of the internship described in the application.
  • If the internship cannot be completed as described, the student may be required to repay any and all monies received by them from the University.

When can I do my internship?

An internship must be completed during fall, spring or summer semesters.

Alison Stone-Briggs, Director
Academic Internships & Community Outreach
144 Student Services Center
ph: 570-389-4962